It is a standard that includes the rules for the transportation of flammable, explosive and chemical substances by road. The law on membership in the ADR convention was enacted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 30 November 2005. The law came into force on 1 January 2009.

Vehicle Tracking System. It is a system where vehicles are tracked via satellite using GPS and GPRS technologies

According to the provisions of the Law, the declaration given to the customs administration and the place where the goods are kept under the supervision and control of the customs administration.

It is a highway transport document. CMR Certificate is a transportation document issued in accordance with the International CMR Agreement for truck transports.

It is the place where nationalized goods are suitable to be kept in open or closed areas.

Load not found in any packaging, such as coal, iron powder, etc.

It is the mode of transportation that is carried out using two or more modes of transportation with the same transport vehicle or container and in the mode changes, the loads in the vehicle or container are not subject to any handling.

It is a measuring device that the vehicles that will take the load are empty and stopped to weigh after loading.

It is a cargo carrying voucher with information about the content of the cargo carried on it.

It is a semi-trailer that carries loads that are different from the length, height, width and tonnage that normal trucks or trucks can carry, according to international and domestic road transport regulations such as heavy duty machines or special project loads.

The shipping cost is excluding KDV.

Transports Internationaux Routiers are the initials of the words in French. It is an agreement within the United Nations Organization signed by the International Transport Association (IRU) in Geneva on January 15, 1959, which includes 11 countries (Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, France, Malta, Switzerland, Tunisia and Yugoslavia). It is a contract that allows unified transportation (road, railway, airline, waterways).